Sprinkler Systems

Our sprinklers systems are designed to help sustain beautiful lush lawns, colorful gardens and healthier landscapes with as little maintenance as possible. At Interwest Landscape, we believe in the intelligent use of water. Irrigation system design and installation is one of the most important foundational elements of your landscape.

Intelligent Design and Expert Installation

The sprinkler system design and installation will determine if you have a beautiful, healthy and easy-to-care for landscape. Thanks to all the innovative commercial products we have available, we are able to make your life easier by designing systems that are very water efficient.

We only install commercial grade spray heads, spray nozzles, rotors, valves, drip systems and controllers that are made with rugged construction materials which provide years of reliable performance. All sprinkler parts are highly efficient, easy and flexible to adjust, and give high distribution uniformity with matched precipitation rates which yield wind resistant droplets of water.

We also install smart controllers that allow you seamless control of your sprinklers. These controllers are user-friendly, and help you save water, while keeping your landscape healthy and beautiful.

When Interwest Landscape & Sprinkler designs and installs your irrigation system, you can be confident that it will perform well and last a long time. A properly designed sprinkler system is an essential tool for a healthy, beautiful, and functional easy-care landscape.

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